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We'll Be Everywhere - So Will You.  During targeted area launches we devote significant resources to boost new member profiles online through several platforms via social, SEO and paid advertising.  Members receive 14 day free trial and special annual directory pricing of $149 (over 50% off regular annual price of $299).  Members also receive special pricing on "one-off" marketing bundles that are rarely offered. 

1. Custom Directory Profile

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We will tailor your directory profile specifically  for your local geography, client type and areas of specialty that you can use to generate buyers and sellers.  We will also upload special offers, events and special calls to action that you have in your business to establish yourself as the authority and attract fresh new leads.  This is a low cost, but highly effective way to promote yourself as the local expert.  In addition, we also have new campaigns focused around your profile that will contribute towards increasing your real estate business profitability.

Leverage the traffic from our platform to raise local service awareness to your business.  

2. Syndicated Announcement

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Once your directory profile is done, we will announce your membership online through our syndication of sites and social media platforms to increase exposure.  This establishes you as the local authority and equates to more leads in your business.  

Announcements are sent to our internal consumer base, other professional members, and highlighted on our site every day.  In addition to our own efforts to promote your directory profile, we also will provide you with a roadmap on how to share your announcement with your existing sphere of influence via email, regular mail, social media, blog posts and other channels of communication.

3. Listings Syndication

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We market your listings (or listings you are approved to market) for two reasons: 1) If you sell your listings yourself, you get twice as much commission; 2) Marketing your listings create new buyers for your pipeline.  

Once your listings are placed in our system, we push them through our online network consistently until they are sold.  Your listings will be placed before potential buyers online as well as be sent to all buyers that are active within our system.


4. Paid Traffic Campaigns

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Paid ads are great since they allow us to instantly turn on the lead flow of buyers and sellers to your pipeline.  As a part of our focused launch in new market areas such as Maryland, we budget a certain amount just for paid advertising on several online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Instagram and others.  As a new member, your directory profile will immediately reap the benefits of our online advertising spend since your new profile will be featured and promoted.

5. Buyer and Seller Campaigns

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We constantly track and optimize lead generation campaigns for buyers and sellers for paid ads, social and SEO.  In addition to tracking what works, we also implement new test campaigns regularly to stay ahead of the pack and benefit from the latest marketing tools, techniques and tactics that are working online.  Some will be "Do It Yourself Campaigns" or, if you prefer, we'll run your campaigns as "Done For You" and you’ll get fully supported and managed lead generation campaigns, to attract new customers.

6. Referral Network Access

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As a real estate professional you will be tied into our member network consisting of other pros that serve the real estate sales process.  Other professionals need your services and will request them on a regular basis.  Likewise, you will need their professional services and with the approval or request of your clients, you will seek their advice and refer your clients to them as a value added resource.  All referrals will be based on client requests and be transparent in order to comply with your firm's referral policies as well as regulatory requirements. 


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